Immerse yourself in nature. Learn how to move your body effortlessly and fluidly. Find yourself in the wilderness. Join me on day hikes, natural movement workshops, weekly classes, and wilderness retreats.



You’ve always held the keys to a strong, vibrant body- I’m just here to help you unlock it. Transform & empower yourself through fitness practices to deepen your connection to your body through strength and mobility training, breathwork, and intuitive movement and nutrition.


Hi, I’m Elisabeth.

I’m passionate about deepening my connection to the Earth, natural movement and strength training, backpacking, and healing with nature. My retreats, workshops, day hikes, classes, and programs have been created with the goal of fostering a deep sense of intuition, presence, and joy with the physical body and the surrounding natural world.

I’ve gained a sense of freedom and peace through movement and nature healing. The joy, love, and surrender I’ve cultivated have not always been there- the emotions of anxiety and control used to run my life. The desire for simplicity and peace finally drove me out into the woods, where I have, over time, experienced immense amounts of healing. The backbone of my work is helping to bring the body, mind, and spirit into pure alignment.

As a natural movement instructor, I blend various training modalities such as functional range conditioning, yoga, bodyweight strength training, kettlebell training, breathwork, and movement-based meditation to foster a deep connection with, and love for, the physical body. I believe that this love and connection is deep inside all of us, and that nature is our greatest teacher and healer in bringing this love forward. The powerful embodiment practices I teach are designed to foster a sense of intuition, and to deeply connect with the natural world around us. Self-care and Earth-care go hand-in-hand.

My love of nature has led me to a great interest in permaculture, regenerative land practices, and sustainable living. The more time I spent in the woods, the more I realized that we heal each other. The Earth heals as we heal alongside her, because in our healing we find the strength to give back. It was this understanding that led me to the creation of my wilderness retreats, workshops, and classes.

These immersive experiences are meant for those who want to spark and cultivate this connection with Self and Earth. Together we will combine movement and strength training practices, meditation, breathwork, hiking, and spiritual growth in community with other women. Additionally, many workshops will also include components of food sustainability and land regenerative practices. My goal is to make these retreats the central focus of Body Balance Theory in the coming years. As I feel called to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors, I also feel called to bring others with me. Slow mornings, feeding the soul with my hands in the dirt, sharing meals with laughter, doing yoga under the stars, hearing the river flow past as I fall asleep…that’s what lights me up.

So join me. Check the links above to learn more about my offerings, and go with what your intuition calls you to. And always, feel free to just reach out to me and talk…I’m always here.