Immerse yourself in nature. Learn how to move your body effortlessly and fluidly. Find yourself in the wilderness. Join me on day hikes, natural movement workshops, weekly classes, and wilderness retreats.



You’ve always held the keys to a strong, vibrant body- I’m just here to help you unlock it. Transform & empower yourself through fitness practices to deepen your connection to your body through strength and mobility training, breathwork, and intuitive movement and nutrition.


Hi, I’m Elisabeth.

I’m passionate about natural movement and strength training, backpacking, and deepening my connection to the Earth. It’s been a very unique and winding path that led me to where I am now: from caring about nothing besides what my body looked like and how physically strong I was to feeling free, joyful, and present in a healthy body that allows me to do the things I love. It a few years of overtraining and over-dieting to give me the wake-up call I needed, and through the process of coming back to health and happiness, I woke up to a deeper passion and joy.

That’s why I created my programs- because I’ve been there. I’ve obsessed over my looks and every morsel of food I ate…and I finally learned freedom through movement and nature healing. I developed my system of training- a system that recognizes the body, mind, and spirit as parts of a whole- in order to achieve mental freedom while creating the strongest, most effortlessly mobile version of myself. My movement and training styles are influenced by all the kinds of training I’ve done: weight lifting, powerlifting, yoga, bodyweight training, mobility training, and gymnastic movements.

But the gym can only take you so far- I realized this as I developed a love for backpacking. I’ve done more mental and spiritual healing in the woods than I ever have in a church or with a counselor. This love of nature has led me to a great interest in permaculture, regenerative earth practices, and food foraging. The more time I spent in the woods, the more I realized that we heal each other. The Earth heals as we heal alongside her, because in our healing we find the strength to give back. It was this understanding that led me to the creation of my wilderness retreats.

These immersive retreats are meant for those who want to connect deeply with themselves and with the Earth. These retreats combine movement and strength training practices, meditation, breathwork, nutritional knowledge, hiking, and personal growth in community with other women. My goal is to make these retreats the central focus of Body Balance Theory in the coming years. As I feel called to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors, I also feel called to bring others with me. Slow mornings, feeding the soul with my hands in the dirt, sharing meals with laughter, doing yoga under the stars, hearing the river flow past as I fall asleep…that’s what lights me up.

So join me. Check the links above to learn more about my offerings, and go with what your intuition calls you to. And always, feel free to just reach out to me and talk…I’m always here.