Hi, I’m Elisabeth, thanks for stopping by!  I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer and movement coach obsessed with hiking, reading, and stretchy pants.  I help people connect to their bodies with strength training, good nutrition, and mindful movement.

My mission is to get you to feel amazing in your body- strong, mobile, and vibrant.  My view of health and fitness is holistic. The body, mind, and soul connection is incredibly powerful and in order to make lasting, positive changes, we must address all three. My movement and training styles are influenced by all the kinds of training I’ve done: weight lifting, powerlifting, yoga, bodyweight training, mobility training, and gymnastic movements.  This has made me a well-rounded coach with the tools to help you create an incredibly strong, powerful, and healthy body.  With me as your coach, we’ll focus on strength, mobility, flexibility, breathwork, and FUN.

My nutrition philosophy is unique: I believe that everyone has different needs. Together we will work to find a nutrition strategy that is individual and  perfect for YOU.  I will guide in a way that will show you how to eat intuitively .  We will create a plan that works specifically for your goals and feels right for your body- no restrictions. 

If you want to become incredibly strong and feel AMAZING in your body, release negativity and become confident and vibrant, my programs are for you.  You will finally feel at home in your skin- this is my passion. 

For years I stumbled around the gym aimlessly, following so many different programs before I learned what truly works. For so long,  I didn’t feel like I could accomplish any fitness goal I had –  my workouts weren’t taking me in the right direction.  I was confused, and lost, and I realized that if I could ever learn how to do things the right way for me, I would make it my goal to help others do the same.

That’s why I created my programs- because I’ve been there.  I’ve seen so many programs advertised on TV and social media that promise fast results and rapid transformations, but the concept is outdated and irrational.  Would you use the same medication for every ailment you have? Of course not- so how could these programs work for everyone and their unique bodies and nutritional needs?  It took years for me to develop my system of training- a system that recognizes the whole body, mind, and spirit as a temple, and stresses the great need for individuality.  That’s why it’s called Body Balance Theory!  I want to help everyone I can achieve the same physical freedom that I have.  If I- a person who was never an athletic kid, and never even remotely flexible- can create strength and move confidently, so can you.  I will help you create physical freedom with true wellness, health, and intuitive movement.

My journey has no end, and neither does yours.  You’re never too old, too out of shape, or too inflexible to get started and achieve something new.

Let’s work together to build a happy, unbreakable body.

Want to see how I can help you? Check out my programs, apply for my custom coaching, or just reach out to me and let’s chat!