“Elisabeth’s approach to training is not only effective, but extremely genuine. I love that she doesn’t subscribe to or even really entertain the cosmo-esque bs that makes us all insecure when it comes to fitness and is just on your team when it comes to finding nutrition and training programs that work for you. Programs are challenging and varied and focus on your individual goals (finally got those pushups!). I got noticeably stronger, leaner, and just prouder of my efforts and what my body could do!”

-Marianna F.

“Although I’ve only been with Elisabeth a few months, I’m really pleased with my progress. I’m stronger in the gym as well as in day-to-day activities. I’ve even started going to the gym to get a workout in between sessions. I’ve worked out with trainers before but Elisabeth’s focus on the right form has really made a big difference from past training experiences. She’s always on time and prepared and I appreciate her positive energy.”

Linda L.


“I am so unbelievably happy with my results. More than anything at the start of my program, I wanted to develop my body to be prepared to play cricket at a high level. I am so pleased that, under your guidance with exercise and a dedication to eating the right foods, I am have really achieved a balanced body type that I am excited to maintain as I continue on in my studies and athletics.

Your willingness to support and adapt to my individual goals and comments truly makes you unique, and I know that success will continue to find you because of that mindset. I look forward to continuing on with the present set of workouts that I have because right now I am very pleased with the balance.   At the start of the program, my diet wasn’t the best. Through your encouragement, I am learning to cook more diverse food, and when I do go out, I am enjoying tasty food made with fresh ingredients. It has been such a wonderful experience, and I promise you that I will not stray off this path.

On a final note, the most inspiring cricket news in North American history just came through. There is a professional cricket tournament starting in Canada! This is the inaugural year, but the competition is designed to blend professional crickets with young players in teams so they may grow and potentially get a break. I am unsure of my odds at this point, but for the first time, I see a genuine opportunity to play cricket professionally. Thanks to you, I have the confidence to pursue this goal!”

-Akshay N.